Welcome Mr. Tim Stubbs: GY2KC/Reach Youth Center Manager

It is with great pleasure to announce that Mr. Tim Stubbs has successfully completed his management training and as of July 13th, 2013 has been elected as Manager of GY2KC/REACH Youth Center.

Tim Stubbs comes to us with many strong character assets that our youth center needs and944187_4806966572390_1898522302_n appreciates.  You will always be able to rely on Mr. Stubbs to listen to every voice, gather our youth together, develop activities, and develop a strong team of leaders to collaborate with and develop unique and diverse ideas.  Mr. Stubbs is responsible, attentive, passionate, and has proven himself to deliver decisions with excellent judgment skills.

We are in the process of changing our name from Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center (GY2KC) to Reach Youth Center.  As we move through this process, you will see many changes in logo/web design, and campaign tools.  We’re very excited about the name change and feel that a fresh new name is needed to launch a newly developed youth center for Yuma’s youth and young adults.

GY2KC/Reach Youth Center is a subsidiary of Back to the Basics Please, Inc (BTTBP).  All major decisions and project development will continue to be considered, approved or disapproved by vote consensus from the BTTBP Executive Board members.

Again, we’re thrilled to have Mr. Stubbs in this new position and we all very much look forward to working with Tim in this new and exciting capacity.

Best Regards,


Mr. Brandon Bennett

President & CEO

Back to the Basics Please, Inc.



Back to the Basics Please, www.bttbp.org

Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center, www.gy2kc.org

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