Relapse and Depression

Hello everybody,

With Valentine’s Day coming up very shortly, it makes me recall several years ago when I was still active in my addiction.  This particular holiday was a big relapse day for me, due to the fact that I would get depressed about not having that special person in my life.  It took me some time to realize that my destructive behaviors and active using were the very reason I was alone to begin with!  While I rode this merry-go-round, I never considered that I was also suffering from depression.  I know that I’m not alone in this condition nor was I unique.  Daniel MacDonald, our Director of Development and Public Relations will be posting an article in two weeks that details his own bout with depression and how he pursued help.

Depression is one of the top reasons that people have a slip in their recovery, and more importantly this is a physical condition you cannot simply “snap out of”.  Some people with depression have a much harder road to finding the sobriety they seek.  Worse still, some who have that recovery and depression will seek solace in using again – ultimately adding to the problems and fixing nothing.   Whichever side of the argument you land on, know this:  depression can be treated.

The article under this link has a lot of information to add beyond what I shared here.  You’ll see an in-depth explanation on depression and relapse as well as list of ten things you can do daily to make yourself feel better (in the left sidebar).    Just above that, you’ll also see a link that will help you understand relapse even better.

Does any of my using and depression sound like your life?  What did you do to break the cycle?  Maybe you haven’t gotten off the merry-go-round and need to find options.  Please post your thoughts on this in our forums or you can contact me privately.  I’m not a therapist, but BTTBP can work to get you in touch with the right resource to find the help you need.  Depression doesn’t take a break for the holidays; in fact it starts working overtime so it’s best to arm yourself with the facts you need

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chris Murphy,

Director of Substance Use/Abuse – BTTBP

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