Sexuality and ME by Milena


I’m Milena, I’m 17 years old and I’m bisexual. My mom and friends are the only ones that know that i am. My life isn’t so easy, high school is hard and people there don’t really understand that my sexuality is a huge part of my life style it’s not what i am its who i am. I’m glad i have friends that understand i may have lost a few along the road, but i gain alot more every step of the way.

Telling my mother was the hardest thing to do. I thought that if i told her she would be ashamed of me. She surprised me when i told her, i found out that not only did she accept me but that she was also bisexual and she was scared throughout the years as i was growing up that i would never accept her for who she was. Even though people say the bible says this and the bible says that so what i believe in god and i believe he accepts me for who i am i mean the world isn’t perfect and neither am i no one is we just have to accept people for who they are not what they are.


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