A New Year/A New Structure:


I wish everyone a great new year and that you aspire to reach all of your goals!  After today’s board meeting, I’m intrigued about some of the decisions168697_1481066398081_1576440840_30900940_2730517_n and changes that we’ve made to our organization.

The structural changes that we’ve made will in no way limit our services.  In fact, they will enable us to better provide services to more people.  Allow me to expound on the new structure!

HIV Outreach:  This program will fit under the umbrella of our Life Wellness program.

*Our HIV Outreach efforts will remain the same.  We will work tirelessly to educate the community, distribute condoms, and develop resources for those affected, to include support, safe sex workshops, and advocacy.


Our Life Wellness program will be expanded to include QUALITY OF LIFE subgroups.  Michelle Smith-Wade will continue as the Executive Director of this program.  Each subgroup will be led by one or two honorary directors who will report to the Executive Director.  Subgroups (under development) will include the following:

1.  HIV Outreach (special emphasis on border regions for FY11)

2.  Diet & Exercise (blog, seminars, workshops, activities)

3.  LGBTQ relationships (blog, seminars, workshops, activities)

4.  Coming Out  (advocacy, youth oriented, blog, seminars, workshops, activities)

5.  High School Transition (whether students stay local or move away to College, we are developing a new mentoring program with Northern Arizona University Yuma for College Students to assist Seniors in High School with their transition).  Special emphasis will be made on establishing the student with LGBT affirming resources wherever the student moves.  We will advocate for the student wherever they are.

We are very excited about the expansion of our Life Wellness program and we hope you are too!  Please contact Michelle Smith (michelle.smith@bttbp.org) if you are interested in attending a workshop, volunteering, or offering your expertise.  We need you!

Substance Use/Abuse Outreach:

We will continue to develop our support group held every other Saturday to include one on one counseling, and job placement services.  This Outreach program will be fully integrated with the Life Wellness Program to those who need these services.  We will also continue to offer Drug Prevention seminars throughout the year.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate our partners in the community to include, The Regional Center for Border Health, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, PFLAG Yuma, The Amancio Project, Marriott Hotels & many others.  We look forward to collaborating with all of you as we develop our programs!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you may have!

Mr. Brandon Bennett


Back to the Basics Please, Inc.


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