Great opportunity for LGBT Community

To Whom It May Concern:

Hope all is well! My name is Victoria Ritz, and I am a Production Assistant here at MTV.

We here at MTV feel that now is the time to highlight an American family that has been raised by Gay parents. In light of PFLAG’s significant and active involvement within the LGBT community, we trust that your organization fosters all sorts of progressive activities for families to get involved in. It would be my pleasure to consider any of your clients or participants for subjects in an exciting new project!

With the current milieu of our country’s unsettled standpoints on Gay marriage and equality, MTV is proud to be working on a show that will explore an authentic American family where parent/child relationships, sexuality, diversity, and interactions within the home/surrounding environments are all examined to their fullest potential. In addition, we also aim to provide further education to unbeknownst audiences who may have never even met a Gay family! People who are able to open up their lives and share their personal stories and experiences are ideal candidates for this venture. A link to our MTV posting is below.

If you can think of any family that would be interested in this opportunity, I would absolutely love to hear any of your suggestions.

Please feel free to email or call me at 212-846-2671 to discuss the opportunity in further detail.


Victoria Ritz


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