At some point, or another, you were silenced, and condemned by either those you loved or those that are religious. Your worlds were devastated by who you were, and even still am. Some could not handle the pressures of what was said, or what was acted upon you, some held your ground and prevailed through even the darkest of hours. Bullies caused many suicides that have recently occurred, and the benefits equaled to nothing what-so-ever. Those that had the difficulty to cope with negativity, it does not degrade you, or make you something less that people could mock, your souls are engraved in peoples’ hearts for who you were, everything you accomplished throughout life. Even myself, growing through my teen years contained much turmoil through other peoples’ ignorance, but also, there are people who loved me inexplicably and aided in my self-development.
The matter of fact is, your words, your hearts, they are not enigmatic or abnormal. Our hearts are equal to those surrounding us, we love just as golden, and we are not just anyone. Our personalities can shed an indescribable light to many, we, us, all are someone great. Even if tears were shed, even if vicious words were thrown to your souls, do not, in anyway, allow those that are arrogant corrupt yourselves. Do not believe those that say you will be nothing of importance, when at this moment, this very breath, every second, you are someone might, someone beautiful beyond recognition.
Allow your hearts to guide you through even the most hateful of actions. Do not allow yourselves to become what certain people have naively said, when within your own selves, you know who you truly are.
Whether you are gay, lesbian, bi, striaght, asexual, pansexual, transgendered, or any other sexual orientation. You, are most certainly someone.

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One Response to SILENCE UNDONE

  1. bttbpadmin says:


    Your words are profound, most sincere, and unscripted. Your wisdom transcends through your words and becomes even more powerful coming from someone so young, yet so connected to the ethereal, to the ultimate reality, beyond the perceptions of so many.

    Thank you for making my day!

    ~Brandon Bennett