NO child …

NO child should be forced to endure extreme hate, bigotry and threats from those who bully others! Bully’s parents/guardians often discriminate, are prejudiced and condone intolerance within the family unit. The cycles must stop!

Bullies tend to be cowardly. They execute their vicious acts, words when protective advocates are out of earshot. Bullies psychologically peer-pressure other youth to join their ‘pack-mentality’. Young Bullies often transition into adults who exhibit ‘aggressive’ behaviors (i.e spouse/child abuse; business ruthlessness; homophobia; vindictiveness; discrimination; use of religion to justify bigotry; criminal acts; animal abuse; fraud; scams etc etc etc)

Since ‘hate’ is often reinforced at-home, a way to deter bullying is to hold the parents directly responsible for their kids bullying others. If youth are bullied to the point of committing suicide or their health/safety/well-being severely affected… investigate the bully’s parents/guardians. IF the parents/guardians are found to preach hate, bigotry, discrimination… slap a lawsuit and criminal misdemeanor on the parents. If bigoted parents know there will be REAL consequences, they’ll instruct their kids to not bully. How else to reach bigoted adults who don’t respect all peoples?

How about an anonymous Bully-Report 800# hotline? Maybe force Bullies and parents to be on public TV shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah to expose the hate and provide education, counseling? How about bringing back the Kindergarten-3rd school grading category “Is Courteous To Others”.

*FYI, as a child and young adult, I was ‘teased’ by others… ‘teased’ because my family was extremely poor; my teeth crooked/my hair not styled; I never possessed brand/advertised toys; I was skinny; I was a Tomboy; I loved having lizards, snakes & animals; I wore Goodwill clothes; my mother was a Babysitter and my father was a Carpenter; I am of Russian/German heritage; we had one very old car; I often walked to school; we did not own our house; I belonged to no group (cheerleaders, sports, surfers, band, choir, drill squad, affluence, student council)…no $’s, no membership. Thankfully, my family’s love, support and determination enabled us to persevere, move forward- albeit the pain was (is) still there. Some bullied kids are not so lucky and don’t have a solid support system.

YOU have the POWER to create change! Intervene and speak to (mentor) a Bully so they’ll see a respectful point of view! Intervene by talking to a Bully’s parents/guardians so they reinforce tolerance, understanding and respect in their household. Intervene by reporting cruel Bullies to authorities- it will be on record. Be brave and speak out for injustice!


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One Response to NO child …

  1. Gregory says:

    I can empethize what Jonah has to endure at such an young age. He is entering eighth grade and not only worry about his grades but being bullied and hated for who he is. Unfortunatly bullies pick on the weak and the vunerable. I was bullied from middle school to Graduation. My hope for Jonah is that he connects with someone who will help him during this tragic ordeal. Just remember there are people who support you, care about you for who you are, even though you do not know these people personally, there is a community that stands by you and eel your pain. But you are loved by this Community.

    I’ll Be Thinking Of You,
    Greg Foley