Brandon Bennett re-takes CEO position:

February 22nd, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


I’m pleased to announce after a great deal of thought and consideration, I will re-take the role of President and CEO of Back to the Basics Please, Inc. (BTTBP).

As many of you know, I resigned from this position in August 2013 for a multitude of reasons.  My career became more demanding while the responsibilities at a fast-growing and more challenging BTTBP grew as well.  A choice had to be made for the potential betterment and continued success of BTTBP and its subsidiaries.


Before and during my absence, the socio-economic situation in Yuma and throughout many parts of our country became even more challenging.  Continued funding for our youth center (REACH Youth Center) started to dry up rapidly and community involvement began to wane.  More and more families starting working two and three jobs just to make ends meet as full-time work for many rescinded, which put more burden on many families, our volunteers and of course, the youth that we serve.  For these reasons and others, BTTBP was forced to close the REACH Youth Center in December of 2013.


With cutbacks to military and agriculture, the two main industries that support Yuma County, it’s important to take a hard look at how all of this will affect the potential for BTTBP to pursue another youth center or even a potential chemical dependency treatment center.  Both are goals that are at the heart of the BTTBP mission; however, both goals in my opinion will require difficult and continuous study before we begin again to consider acquiring/leasing another commercial property.  I do not anticipate substantial growth in Yuma County to support a youth center anytime soon nor do I anticipate stable funding for a treatment center at this time, though there are some interesting trends for rural community funding.


When the Executive Board at BTTBP came to me about re-acquiring the CEO position, I carefully considered the future of BTTBP and my ability to carry through with a new vision that is more streamlined and less labor intensive than our previous agenda.  The following represent a few key points and requests that I have made to the Executive Board prior to me accepting the CEO position:


  1.  BTTBP will rescind the DBA/Fictitious Business Names:  GY2KC and REACH Youth Center.  All matters of business and corporate representation will only retain the parent company name, Back to the Basics Please, Inc. (BTTBP)
  2. BTTBP will pursue a more supportive role for the foreseeable future that wishes to engage with other organizations in the Yuma County area to assist with mutual goals, either by assisting others with manpower, organizational capabilities, or offering our fundraising abilities.
  3. BTTBP may adopt projects when needs are seen in the community on a case by case basis that require collaborative work with the community and other organizations.  These projects may require fundraising; however, BTTBP will most likely seek initial involvement only.  The primary goal of BTTBP remains a supportive one to assist in the startup of projects, not necessarily to sustain them.
  4. BTTBP will continue to sponsor Yuma’s SMART Recovery program and to that end, also seek to develop activities that are recovery-oriented for those attending a recovery program, graduated and/or seeking a long-term recovery environment.
  5. BTTBP is interested in assisting more music-related activities to include assisting our local bands who seek to develop their talents in an atmosphere of a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Finally, we will continue working with our allied-organizations in Southern California; continue to find ways where we can work together to assist our agendas in both areas.


The BTTBP Executive Board has agreed to my requests and with unanimous vote, I look forward to once again, diving into the BTTBP vision and getting back to the basics with our mission.








Brandon Bennett

Founder, President and CEO

Back to the Basics Please, Inc.


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