Cenpatico awards $11,000.00 to Back to the Basics Please, Inc. Project: GY2KC PATHS Outreach campaign

Yuma, AZ – Cenpatico of Arizona awarded monies to go towards two projects from the GY2KC PATHS Outreach campaign.

As proposed, the financial support received from Cenpatico will go towards building the proposed events outlined below:

Two PATHS Outreach Campaign Main Events

The first is a youth-friendly PATHS Mural. This will be an art project where local artists, art students, and interested community residents will be invited to join with local youth in conceptualizing and painting a “community” themed art mural at the youth center. The PATHS Mural will bring people from all walks in Yuma County together to create a lasting visual that will be enjoyed by visitors to the center for years to come. Back to the Basics Please, Inc. (BTTBP) believes the event will engage youth in an activity that fosters a sense of connectedness and allows for creative expression.

The second event will be the hosting of a no alcohol “Battle of the Bands” event for youth. The event will be promoted and advertised community-wide and offer first, second, and third place prizes. Local officials will be encouraged to join in the efforts and security will be present. This event will allow interested youth an opportunity to express their musical talent or simply enjoy that of others.

Back to the Basics Please, Inc. has received interest among local social service agencies and individuals willing to collaborate and donate volunteer hours, and currently receives over a 150 volunteer hours weekly. BTTBP believes that with the proper Paving of Access Toward Health and Self-Empowerment, GY2KC can grow to become a long-standing valuable resource to youth and families in Yuma County.

Brandon Bennett, BTTBP, President & CEO stated, “We couldn’t be more grateful for Cenpatico’s continued support of the GY2KC projects.”

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