New Image, New Transition, A New BTTBP!!


After a great deal of consideration and while keeping in line with our new “achievable goals” transition, the folks at Back to the Basics Please (BTTBP)  have decided on a definitive new course for our organization.  Starting immediately, the following changes reflect the new BTTBP:


1.  Our Substance Use/Abuse Outreach Division has been closed.  BTTBP will remain the official sponsor of Yuma’s SMART Recovery group but the groups will operate as a separate entity from the BTTBP organization.  In an effort to support SMART Recovery, BTTBP may engage in fundraisers so that we can continue to support the financial needs of these groups.

2.  Peggy Owen, former Executive Director of the Substance Use/Abuse Outreach division will remain on the BTTBP Executive Board with a new title, Executive Director of Life Wellness.  Peggy will keep our organziation informed and aware as well as incorporate healthy trends for those that we serve.  She will also collaborate with other organizations to help bring healthy trends options to our youth and young adults. .

3.  The HIV Awareness Division has been closed; however, at the discretion of BTTBP we may pass leaflets, brochures, and continue to offer referral services in Yuma County.

4.  The new logo/image as seen on this correspondence is now the official logo and image of the BTTBP organization. It will represent the corporation in all legal matters, including letterhead, business cards, websites, and other forms of correspondence.

5.  Today, BTTBP serves a primary goal of providing opportunities for youth and young adults who wish to improve and enhance their creative talents through music and art in a safe and responsible setting. BTTBP is pursuing a local venue in Yuma, AZ as well as a recording studio in the not too distant future. Through these means, BTTBP will coordinate with talent agencies beyond to further assist individual and collective efforts. Members and bands will be asked to participate in local charity endeavors and events, fundraising efforts, and community outreach projects as part of keeping connected with their communties.

The Executive Board as well as our donors and consultants feel strongly that this new path for our organization will sustain focus and allow us to achieve a simpler yet have a more profound impact for many more of our youth and young adults.

I sincerely hope that many more will join us and share our journey to help bring more options for our talented youth and young adults.


Warm Regards,


Mr. Brandon Bennett

President & CEO

Back to the Basics Please, Inc.


Back to the Basics Please,

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