Changes at BTTBP and GY2KC!


Please welcome Mr. Tim Stubbs to the Honorary youth leadership team. Mr. Stubbs comes to us with great energy, a background in music, dj, and944187_4806966572390_1898522302_n is a true leader at heart.

We will be molding Mr. Stubbs into the management role at GY2KC. Tim is already cultivating a team and they all have some great fresh ideas for the youth center. Sometime in July we will make the official decision to give the management responsibility of GY2KC over to Tim and his team. Tim should be considered for a seat on the Executive board in early September.

The Executive team strongly believes that the youth center should be led by leaders in the age group that it serves. That said, the oversight team will be firmly established to include the Executive Board, Mr. Duane Thompson, Mr. Paul Perkins, and others. The youth leaders understand that all ventures must be approved by the Executive board and depending on the proposal, we must be patient while the bureaucracy moves through processes. Our property is unique as particular events and changes must be approved by the property owners (Quechan Tribe), the Yuma Historical Society, and the City of Yuma zoning division in that order.

On June 22nd, I will nominate Mr. Rick Sandoval for the Executive Director of Development seat. Mr. Sandoval will be recruiting new team members who will be responsible for seeking new business relationships who support our organization and seek new ways to work with organizations with mutual goals.

We have had to make some serious decisions recently to bring our team and our organization to a level that can effectively sustain our efforts; provide better services to our community; in particular, our youth and young adults..


Mr. Brandon Bennett
President & CEO
Back to the Basics Please, Inc.

Back to the Basics Please,
Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center,

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