Press/Media Relations

Back to the Basics Please (BTTBP) welcomes any contact from media sources attempting to establish communcation with us.  We are a thriving organization with a board of directors spread through more than one geographic location, and we are committed to providing the best resources, talent, and materials that any member of the sexual minority made need us to provide.  That being said, we would ask that you read the following outline: this will help you understand how we work as well as the processes we have in place for contact between your organization and BTTBP.

Send all requests for communication to Brandon Bennett –


Telephone:  928-550-3999

Depending on the context of your inquiry, further steps may need to be taken before providing you with a complete response.  The BTTBP President and/or other board directors may need to be reached to gain further insight and utilize personal resources for a complete response.  If you are operating under any time constraints or deadlines, all efforts will be made to ensure you are meeting your timetable.

The content on the BTTBP website is the intellectual property of Back to the Basics Please, Inc.  We welcome the opportunity for authored content to receive additional exposure, therefore, we welcome our content to be resourced elsewhere as long as BTTBP has been notified beforehand and the poster extends proper authoritative credits.   Simply put:  we take great pains to make sure we have extended proper credit to other authors when referring to their material – we ask you to do the same for us.

All press/media releases posted on the BTTBP website have been thoroughly vetted by our President, Director of Development/Public Relations and other board of directors when necessary and  are available for your reposting without restriction.  As a courtesy, we would ask that you contact Brandon Bennett with your intent to use our material.

We hope you do not view the above guidelines as prohibitive to establishing communications with you, our friends in the media.  BTTBP welcomes the opportunity to work with any member of the media at any given time.  Our directors have been given the autonomy to develop their programs while in communication with Brandon Bennett, President of Back to the Basics Please, Inc., so it’s in our best interest – and yours – that we take the extra step of conferring with the necessary parties before responding.  We are very passionate about our mission and attaining success in helping those that seek our assistance.

If for any reason you find these guidelines an impediment to your process, we urge you to contact Brandon Bennett through the above hyperlink or telephone number.  All efforts to accommodate a relationship with you will be made.

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