Mural Project progress at GY2KC!

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Welcome Mr. Tim Stubbs: GY2KC/Reach Youth Center Manager

It is with great pleasure to announce that Mr. Tim Stubbs has successfully completed his management training and as of July 13th, 2013 has been elected as Manager of GY2KC/REACH Youth Center.

Tim Stubbs comes to us with many strong character assets that our youth center needs and944187_4806966572390_1898522302_n appreciates.  You will always be able to rely on Mr. Stubbs to listen to every voice, gather our youth together, develop activities, and develop a strong team of leaders to collaborate with and develop unique and diverse ideas.  Mr. Stubbs is responsible, attentive, passionate, and has proven himself to deliver decisions with excellent judgment skills.

We are in the process of changing our name from Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center (GY2KC) to Reach Youth Center.  As we move through this process, you will see many changes in logo/web design, and campaign tools.  We’re very excited about the name change and feel that a fresh new name is needed to launch a newly developed youth center for Yuma’s youth and young adults.

GY2KC/Reach Youth Center is a subsidiary of Back to the Basics Please, Inc (BTTBP).  All major decisions and project development will continue to be considered, approved or disapproved by vote consensus from the BTTBP Executive Board members.

Again, we’re thrilled to have Mr. Stubbs in this new position and we all very much look forward to working with Tim in this new and exciting capacity.

Best Regards,


Mr. Brandon Bennett

President & CEO

Back to the Basics Please, Inc.



Back to the Basics Please,

Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center,

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A bit of our President’s History: Brandon Bennett

Recovering My Life
Brandon Bennett
I awoke on the morning of February 3, 2003, after being asleep for approximately two days944187_4806966572390_1898522302_n and decided to make my last sale.

I had considered this for some time, as I had become alienated from every true friend and family member, not for any specific bad deed but for what I was doing to myself and what I represented.

I traveled no street, saw no back alleys; I didn’t even drive my own car. I led a Studio 54 life. Traveling from party to party, house to house, mansion to mansion, I needed nothing. Crystal meth, ecstasy and GHB were plentiful, and all of the 5HTP, vitamin concoctions and super drinks were available to take the edge off.

My story is not unique. People like me were in constant danger of killing ourselves—and potentially others—as there were few wake-up calls and fewer consequences for our actions. People in my circle dropped like flies from dehydration, overdose, kidney failure, even heart failure. There were no limits in the wealthy drug underground.

I was 120 pounds, 30 years old, and the lines were beginning to show. I knew internally that my body would fail someday, perhaps soon. Falling out from GHB was a typical and daily occurrence.

Drugs started out as fun, everyone liked me, and I liked everyone. At the end, I was bitter and paranoid. I had become a shallow, cunning, quick-witted and very angry person. I had sober moments where I saw clearly that I had become a whore to drugs and to the people I served. I used to be an intelligent, dignified, respectful and an honored human being. How fast things turn on their head when you become addicted.

The thought of getting sober in a big city was scary. I didn’t know if I’d be strong enough to deny the peer pressure that pulled on my coattails, forever pleading with me to come back to the drug world.

I found the resources that I needed not only to stay sober but live strong in body, mind and spirit. Today, I run a nonprofit for high-risk adults and youth in rural Arizona and volunteer in San Diego.

Very recently I was on “Recovery Row” at L.A. Pride and was presented with the opportunity to get involved with The Tweakers Project in Los Angeles. I had followed West Hollywood’s recovery community for some time, but little did I know how well-supported everyone is that’s recovering or struggling with addiction in L.A. Engaging with my sober brothers in L.A. has been a heartfelt and genuine experience I’ll never forget.

With 10-plus years of sobriety, I am still amazed to see such support, love and caring for those in recovery in our urban centers.


Brandon Bennett is the founder of Back to the Basics Please, Inc., Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center and a longtime member of The Tweakers Project.


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July 4th Staff Party at GY2KC!

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Wal-Mart posterDJTIMSTUBBS is gunna be blowing it up in the sun all day infront of Walmart the 29th and then from 8 to 12 ill be hosting a huge dance party at GY2KC Youth Center! oh and did I mention MMA fighter Carlos Flores is gunna be in the house! this is seriously a dance party you dont want to miss out on! bring your friends and family to GY2KC’s BIG OPEN HOUSE DANCE PARTY!! and dont worry, you dont have to be a dancer to have fun! me and my crew will be hosting all kinds of games and activities you can participate in while your there! there will be something for everyone xD

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Changes at BTTBP and GY2KC!


Please welcome Mr. Tim Stubbs to the Honorary youth leadership team. Mr. Stubbs comes to us with great energy, a background in music, dj, and944187_4806966572390_1898522302_n is a true leader at heart.

We will be molding Mr. Stubbs into the management role at GY2KC. Tim is already cultivating a team and they all have some great fresh ideas for the youth center. Sometime in July we will make the official decision to give the management responsibility of GY2KC over to Tim and his team. Tim should be considered for a seat on the Executive board in early September.

The Executive team strongly believes that the youth center should be led by leaders in the age group that it serves. That said, the oversight team will be firmly established to include the Executive Board, Mr. Duane Thompson, Mr. Paul Perkins, and others. The youth leaders understand that all ventures must be approved by the Executive board and depending on the proposal, we must be patient while the bureaucracy moves through processes. Our property is unique as particular events and changes must be approved by the property owners (Quechan Tribe), the Yuma Historical Society, and the City of Yuma zoning division in that order.

On June 22nd, I will nominate Mr. Rick Sandoval for the Executive Director of Development seat. Mr. Sandoval will be recruiting new team members who will be responsible for seeking new business relationships who support our organization and seek new ways to work with organizations with mutual goals.

We have had to make some serious decisions recently to bring our team and our organization to a level that can effectively sustain our efforts; provide better services to our community; in particular, our youth and young adults..


Mr. Brandon Bennett
President & CEO
Back to the Basics Please, Inc.

Back to the Basics Please,
Generation Y 2000 Diversity Center,

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Acoustic Show at GY2KC: May 31st

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Dance Party at GY2KC!

Saturday DJ, (free)2

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Acoustic Night at GY2KC


Come on down and relax to the acoustic mix by Zack Dean and Jorge Paz! **All ages welcome**


Date:  Friday, May 31st

Time:  7:00 – 10:00 pm

Refreshments for sale at reasonable rates


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GY2KC Dance Party, May 18th, 2013

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